Do you enjoy volunteering at events and helping to share your skills and experience with the younger sections, while having a chance to help promote SSAGO? If so, join our SSAGO Support unit and help give something back!

SSAGO Support is the ever-growing team of Student Scout and Guide Organisation members who through their role in SSAGO help support regional, national and international events. Any SSAGO member is welcome to join the SSAGO Support team and help provide skilled service to these Scouting, Guiding and joint events.

If you are interested in getting involved, you can either sign up to any of the upcoming events below, and you'll become part of the team, or you can join the SSAGO Support project on the Projects page.

Want to find out more about SSAGO Support? Drop us a line!

SSAGO Support

These are official SSAGO Support Events, where there will be a formal SSAGO Support team working together to provide service to these events.

Potential Events

These are events which SSAGO may attend if there is enough interest - so if you are interested, please sign up!

SSAGO Attends

These are not official SSAGO support events, but SSAGO members are attending and this is a chance to meet up with other SSAGO members and find out who else is going!

SSAGO Support Merchandise

All SSAGO Support members are entitled to wear the official SSAGO Support merchandise.

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SSAGO Support Badge

If you volunteer at an official SSAGO Support Event you will be awarded a physical SSAGO Support unit badge to show your commitment to the unit.